Welcome to the Sixteen Aft Wiki

Hello and welcome to the Sixteen Aft Wiki! This a fanon site only about Star Trek engineering systems.

About the site

Hi I'm Starfleet Academy, and this wiki is really just my test wiki. In other words it should be easier for me to learn JavaScript with access to a whole wiki. However, I was not vain enough to name this wiki after myself... so I turned it into a wiki on a very narrow topic. Which is:

You can add fanon works to this site regarding the engineering systems of pre-existing star ships, space-stations, equipment etc. For example, if something technical was not explained in the canon world of Star Trek: explain it here.

About the name

The name is a humorous take on Ten Forward: the lounge/bar on the USS Enterprise-D starship (TNG). On that Galaxy class it was named so because it was on deck 10 forward section 1; here "Sixteen Aft" highlights deck 16, center to aft of the Sovereign Class starships. In other words: Main Engineering.

A note on testing

Sorry, but only CSS/JavaScript testing is allowed here. In other words please don't test your editing skills on articles here. For that use the Community Test Wiki. I probably won't be creating any admins here; unless my favorite form of Trek fanon takes off! (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun! :P)

Coding help

I'm happy to teach anyone Wikitext, HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Just send me a message! Though it goes without saying that you're probably better off on your own with JavaScript, than accepting my erroneous knowledge.

So, Happy editing (and let the nutty coding commence!) from — STARFLEETACADEMY

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